Daily Menu and Drinks



Fresh Mozeralla
(mozzarella in fresh water, basil and hazelnut tomato with balsemic sauce)

Kinoa Salad
(Mediterranean greens, parmesan, cucumber, spring onion, dried apricot, dried fig, walnut)

Orange Octopus
(with arugula, capers, spring onions, lemon sauce)

Shrimp with Tomato Sauce
(Shrimp baked with fresh tomato sauce, garlic, capers, fresh parsley)

Main Courses

Baked Sea Bass Fillet
(Creamy spinach belluga with lentils)

Beef Ribs
(Carrot puree, grilled asparagus and beef rib cooked over heavy fire for four hours, with its own special sauce)


Apple Cinnamon Pie
(Cinnamon wine sauce, vanilla ice cream)